Asbestos removal


Asbestos Remediation
EcoReno B.V. has built up longstanding expertise in asbestos removal, making it the ideal partner for every imaginable case of asbestos remediation.
Removal of asbestos-containing materials is governed by strict rules, and a process certificate in accordance with SC-530 is a must-have. EcoReno B.V. does, of course, hold this certificate. We are also proud to announce that we currently have our own team of eight experienced professional asbestos removal supervisors (DTA-As) and ten asbestos removal professionals (DAVs).
This places us now among the top market players in the area of asbestos removal.

We have mastered the full spectrum of techniques that are used today and we can certainly say that we are a company that focuses its attention on innovation.


EcoReno B.V. is also known for the high importance it places on customer service and advice; we are able to offer our customers a full-service package so they can leave it all to us. This is something that, particularly in these times, is very much appreciated by our customers and sets us apart from our competitors.


The following are just some of our services:


  • Providing asbestos surveys

  • Applying for permits

  • Scheduling work in a way that is efficient for you

  • Performing asbestos removal work

  • Follow-up vis-à-vis the inspection bodies

  • Performing all possible renovation work after asbestos removal.