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Decontamination of buildings


Asbestos removal often takes place during major maintenance works, when the homes or commercial buildings in question are vacant, but it can also happen that asbestos must be removed from an occupied home or in an office where the work carries on as normal.



EcoReno bv are specialists in the decontamination of both occupied and vacant properties, and we are well aware of the major impact such work can have on the building's occupants.


So we do everything we can to make life easier for them.


Our staff will always take the necessary time to courteously explain our procedures to the users.


We see this kind of attention not as an additional service but rather as an important element of our specialist service provision.


For projects where several houses or flats are decontaminated on a planned basis we can also organise meetings where the residents can be informed about the plans and have an opportunity to ask questions about our procedures.


This approach is greatly appreciated by our clients and has increasingly been adopted in recent years.